Indian hockey team win over Neitherland in Robo Super series.

India’s hockey team overcome home side the Netherlands 2-1 here in the Robo Super series as part of the india’s tour of Europe. India start the game with energy and intensity to put pressure on the  team and the positive intent worked as the team drew first blood with a penalty.corner awarded in the fourth minute. Varun kumar’s drag flick was padded away by the Dutch Keeper but Gurjant was quick to pick up into the net to score his first international goal men’s side. India continued the strong attack as they made forays into the striking circle . young forward Arman Qureshi made a great attempt to take India’s leading to 2-0 win.

With a lead of 1-0 , the third quarter saw the Netherlands make desperate attempts to come back into game but india absorbed the pressure well to execute a stronger defensive structure that kept the Dutch from scoring.

Captain said “  I am very happy with the way entire team performed as one unit specially the player making debut. They showed no sign of nervousness and played with a lot of confidence”

India will next face Austria in Amstelveen.


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