At least 260 People were injured in the stone throwing festival in Madhya Pradesh

At least 260 People were injured in the stone pelting at centuries old traditions “ Gotmar Fair” in Chhindwara district on Madhya Pradesh. The condition of four is stated to be serious.

In a view of the bloody past of the Gotmar fair, when people had even lost their lives , The district administration had put proper security measures in place in Pandhuma village, where the event takes place. It had also installed CCTV cameras and encamped prohibitory order but the bloody stone pelting could not be stopped. District Magister told “ Four people have been seriously injured I the stone pelting at the Gotmar fair and some other have also received minor injures , who were allowed to go after the first aid.

Pandurna is a village nearly 90 km away form Chindwara city where this festival organized on the bank of Jam every year the day after Pole festival. In Gotmar fair , known as one of the bloodiest fair in the world , a tree is erected I the middle of the river with a flag on top villager from Swargaon and Pandhurama  either sides of the river and both sides try to approach the tree to remove the flag by pelting stones at each other . Those who are able to remove the flag first are declared as the winner.



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