Ola and Google plan to introduce out station cab facility .

Ride hailing app Ola on Tuesday announced an Inter city travel partnership with Google that would help long distance commuters discover Ola’s Outstation” category in Google Maps. It enables biking for 23 city s to over 215 one way routes in the country. In the coming weeks the integration would be expanded to 500 route. Google and Ola have been joining forces time and again with a strategic goal in mind enhancing customer experience and catering to wide number.

Once the destination is keyed in on Google maps, The commuter can Navigate to the transit tab and choose Ola as the commute option and he or she would be taken directly to the  booking screen on the Ola App. In October 2016, Ola integrated its intercity cab travel option with Google maps , enabling customers to discover cab option with estimated fares and estimated time of arrival.


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